Technology changes quickly but sometimes people are slow to change.  Some digital fouls in the information age…

1)  Facebooking or Twittering in bed
In the old days, life was simple, if you saw a light on under the sheets it’s because your electric blanket is malfunctioning and your sheets are on fire.  These days it means you’ll be getting some rest tonight.  Foul.

2)  Criticizing your satellite radio provider about their limited 80’s selection
Your tired of listening to the same songs over and over again.  You want some new 80’s music.  And your not going to stop until you get it.  Think before you call customer support.  Foul.

3)  Texting the kids upstairs to come down for dinner
Texting anyone within 3 meters should be against the law.  What’s next, text me the salt and pepper please?  Foul.

4)  Talking on cell phones in the bathroom
There’s just something not right about this (even if your’re using Bluetooth).  Foul.

5)  Warming up your electric car
No, sorry, this does not work.  Must I say more?  Foul.

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