I read an interesting post by Preston Gralla, “Microsoft ‘Scroogled’ campaign gets early holiday gift: Google evangelist calls privacy an ‘anomaly’“.  Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is firing some shots at Google.  Check out Microsoft’s Scroogled store site.  My first impression was Scroogled is a Christmas holiday gag based on Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, as in…
Scrooge + Google = Scroogled

Apparently, I’m approaching this with far too much thought as it appears to be more like…
Screwed + Google = Scroogled

To test if the store was real I figured I would try to buy a t-shirt to see what would happen.  Sure enough, this is real!  To my amazement, after I selected a t-shirt and clicked the Checkout button I was prompted to enter my Microsoft Live account credentials – lol!

Evidently, privacy is not a concern with the Scroogled campaign it’s the monetization of private information that’s bad.  Tough to keep these definition subtleties straight.  I would have been more impressed with the Scroogled campaign if I could purchase my t-shirt in Bitcoin.  ;o)