Next week, February, 24-28, 2014 is the big RSA conference in San Fransisco California.  I was not originally planning to attend the event.  Frankly, I didn’t see any business benefit for me.  About 1.5 months prior, I  began receiving requests from colleagues to meet at the event.  I quickly changed my plans, grabbed an expo pass, and booked a hotel room.

I’m also invited to speak on a Symantec panel, “Securing Code & Apps”.  On the panel I will highlight some of the Java platform security improvements as they relate to code-siging.  Recently, we released Java 7 Update 51 (January 2014) we changed the defaults to require signed Applet code – a significant improvement.  Legacy unsigned code is still supported but not by default.  From my perspective, the panel is a good opportunity to educate attendees on platform changes.

For someone who was not planning to attend, I sure have plenty to do.  I’m excited to see colleges again, honored to participate a panel, and most of all welcome the opportunity to educate on security.  See you at RSA.