Edward Snowden is a former contractor working for the United States National Security Agency (NSA).  Snowden was accused of espionage on June 14, 2013 for disclosure of sensitive documents describing secret government bulk surveillance programs against ordinary US citizens.

In a rare on camera interview, Brian Williams from NBC NEWS discusses the charges with Snowden, the types of information disclosed, personal motivations, his political exile in Russia, and other interesting topics.  Watch the video, “Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden“.  Some think Snowden is a traitor while others think he’s a patriot.  Whatever you think about Snowden,  the revelations produced changes in Washington, lost revenues for American businesses, and change is likely to continue.

This is our generations Watergate.  If you don’t understand the issues around the US Government, NSA, and Edward Snowden then it’s your opportunity to learn more about what’s happened and how these programs impact the lives of US citizens a year later.  If your really want the deep history, constitutional and legal grounds, you can see them in full on Electronic Frontier Foundations NSA Spying on Americans web page.