Figure 1: security infographic, click to enlarge

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The raw public data behind the infographic for those interested.  Keep in mind the information comes from National Vulnerability Data (NVD) and CVEDetails which is an information aggregator of NVD.  You may find these public resources interesting for your own projects or persuasive presentations on security.

(1) CVEDetails (NVD) Vulnerability
Provides the aggregated yearly information.

(2) Better or Worse?
Source for the quote.
2013 IC3 Annual Report,

(3) IC3 Complaints
Graph data for the number of complaints.
2013 IC3 Annual Report,

(4) Trust is Dead?
“…$180 billion or a 25% hit to overall IT service provider revenues [by 2016].”   James Statan – Forrester
* Hat tip to writer Kashmir Hill from Forbes for the web link to James article.

(5) Vulnerability Mixer

(6) Year with the most reported vulnerabilities to date?

(7) Most vulnerable product ever?
Java and Flash not in the top 10

(8) Most vulnerable web browser?
Internet Explorer, not even close