Evidently what’s good in your personal life is also good in your mobile life – USB Condom.  USB Condom is a new security product to wrap that rascally USB device and defend you from infection by Internet baddies.  If I were the product marketer I could have so much fun with this but instead I refer you to the previous link for a full product description.

I’m not so sure the public understands birds and bees of USB devices and perceives any USB security threats.  Until the public is better educated on USB security or more incidents surface, this product is a solution trying to find a problem.  Make no mistake, USB security is real problem but it’s going to take more education to for the public understand the threats before they see any value in a product solution.

It would be great if the product had a plastic case like a thumb drive instead of bare board.  Still I will gladly pay $10 if it works as expected.