A follow-up to my previous post, “Internet Ouija, Google Translator“.  Badge challenge winners, “DEFCON 22 Badge Contest“, summarized their process to break the security conference badges.  One step of the process was deciphering the lorem ip poem (the article provides translation).  During the time of the DEFCON 22 conference, the lorem ip poem could be translated by Google Translator but now it cannot be translated.

lorem ip
Lorem ipsum dolor si
Lorem ipsum do
Lorem ipsum dolor s
lorem ipsum ama
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame

Lorem ipsum dolor sit
lorem ipsum ips
lorem ipsum lor
lorem ipsum lo
lorem ipsum lorem
lorem ipsum amat
Lorem ipsum

It’s interesting to note the translator behavior was known to at least a couple of different groups prior to DEFCON.  At a minimum, it was known to the researchers described by Krebs and the DEFCON 22 badge challenge creators, prior to the challenge.  During the challenge, the translator behavior was known to contestants that made it far enough through the challenges to encounter the poem.  It’s always possible Krebs sources where the DEFCON 22 badge challenge creators.  Meaning less people knew about translator behavior since the two different groups are one in the same.  Does anyone know if Krebs contacts are the DEFCON 22 badge challenge designers?  Last, we don’t know what Google knew prior to the event but we know the translators behavior was modified after DEFCON 22.  Again, no conspiracy theories suggested, it could be a bug fix.

Incidentally, I like the DEFCON 22 badges so I encountered the lorem ip poem purely by chance while reading Elegin’s post.