This is a quick update to my “Tracking Aircraft on Raspberry PI” post.  The photo (click to enlarge) shows aircraft flying in my vicinity at the time of the screen shot.  Not much within radio range at the moment but I can have as many as 10 aircraft depending upon the time of day.  The aircraft route mapping web server is a feature of the dump1090 program running on the Raspberry Pi and described in the original article.

+1 to Shockwave8A on Reddit for aircraft telemetry background like TIS-B for secondary radar information and FIS-B for weather, text based information from METAR, TAF, as well as airspace restrictions.  Appears there are many more signals to be plumbed beyond those that dump1090 supports.  This is still seems an area highly ripe for exploration.  Btw if you want to see some bad ass signals intelligence mojo check out Oona’s absorptions web site.  The helicopter post is my favorite.