1Password from AgileBits is climbing the charts in the iTunes store.  It’s awesome to see the public gives a damn about keeping their passwords safe and is hauling out their wallets to do it.  1Password, a security app, beat out Photoshop redonkulous!
Incidentally, a Password Manager keeps your passwords in an encrypted database accessible only to you.  Historically, people keep passwords under keyboards, written in notebooks, sticky notes, or in Excel spreadsheets.  This is not secure at all.  Most people have several passwords to remember.  If your in the technology business like me, you may have hundreds of passwords to remember.  Keeping them secure and easily accessible is where password managers are helpful.  Other password manager options are available like Robo Form, LastPass, KeePass, and Password Safe.  A few of them are free if your on a budget.
I use 1Password on OS X and Windows and love it.  I have both Windows and OS X computers so it’s handy for me.  I store my password database on a Google Drive so I have access my passwords from any computer.  If my computer crashes, all data is backed up by Google and I never loose access.
A final note, no program is perfect and password managers are no exception.  Sometimes auto-completes for web page credentials do not work as expected.  There have also been some security issues from time to time.  Overall these guys are serious about security, it’s their business and livelihood, and password managers are overall very useful tools.