I wanted to gather a quick post for those attending Oracle’s JavaOne 2014 conference with interests in Java platform security.  If your not aware, I lead the security track at JavaOne and I’m also presenting two security sessions.

If your interested in Java security and attending, you may wish to drop in and listen or if you can’t make it to JavaOne it’s likely the media will be posted after the conference like previous years.  Following are my conference sessions you can attend or watch later.

CON1692 – Securing Java: Track Opening Presentation
As I mentioned, I host the Java security track for Oracle at the JavaOne conference.  The track opening is special since I cover highlights around platform security improvements and remediation throughout the year.  I also review all the session security content and provide an overview of the sessions I think attendees will find most interesting.  If your interested in highlights around platform security then you will find this session a good way to begin your week.

CON5948 – Security and the Internet of Things: Preparing for the Internet of Stings
In addition to my security role around the platform I have also been assisting with Oracle’s Internet of Things(IoT) efforts.  In this session, I will discuss some of the broader areas of IoT security, threats, along with some of thoughts to meet these challenge.  If your interested in IoT security then this is the session for you.

Enough about me, I’m always interested to listen and learn what others are doing in security or if I can possibly help.  If your attending and want to meet up send me a DM message (Twitter: @spoofzu) or grab my email from the web site.  See you at JavaOne.