I checked in some minor improvements for DeepViolet.  DeepViolet is now packaged in a couple of different ways so you can quickly try it yourself.  One executable runs the DeepViolet from the UI for fast spot checks.  The other runs DeepViolet headless from the command line and useful in the *NIX script environment.

Executable to Run DeepViolet From UI (DOWNLOAD dvUI.jar)
A new jar archive has been added, dvUI.jar.  To get up and running quickly make sure you have Java 1.8 installed, download dvUI.jar to your desktop, double-click and the DeepViolet’s interface will display.  Alternatively you can start DeepViolet UI from the command line like this…
java -jar dvUI.jar
Photo: DeepViolet UI example
Executable to Run DeepViolet form the Command Line (DOWNLOAD dvCMD.jar)
Don’t care much for user interfaces, like to script everything you do, no problem.  DeepViolet can be run headless from the command line.  To run do something like this…

java -jar dvCMD.jar -serverurl https://test.com/

Photo:  DeepViolet command line example

Where the the value of the serverurl parameter is the server you want to test.

If anyone knows of any open source projects to process ASN.1 data types send me a note.  I rolled my own code to process the common object types I encountered mostly from reverse engineering and scarce documentation I could find.

For more information about DeepViolet refer to the original blog post or project code on GitHub.  Enjoy!