The following URLs are security content from Oracle’s JavaOne 2014 software developers conference in San Francisco California.  My list is not entirely comprehensive and more sessions become available, I will update the list.

Security Testing for Developers using OWASP ZAP, Simon Bennetts

Put a “Firewall in Your JVM Securing Java Applications, Debbie Fuller

Understanding the New JDK 8 Security Features, Sean Mullan

Securing Against Cross-Site Request Forgery, Aaron Hurst

Security Solutions for Java Distributed Architectures: A Smart Grid Use Case, Frederic Vaute

Hybrid Analysis Mapping: Making Security and Development Tools Play Nice Together, Dan Cornell

Java Secure Coding Guidelines, Andrew Gross

Building Secure Applications with Java EE, Patrycia Wegrzynowicz

Security Starts in the Head(er), Dominik Schadow

RESTing on Your Laurels Will Get You Pwned, Abraham Kang, Dinis Cruz, Alvaro Munoz Sanchez

Security with Java Deployment, Chris Bensen

Code-Level Security Games And Puzzles in Java, Brenton Phillips

Seven Security Tools and Libraries Every Developer Should Know About, Dominik Schadow

Applying Java’s Cryptography, Erik Costlow

High Security for the Internet of Things with Java and a Secure Element, Anne-Laure Sixou, Thierry Bousquet, Frederic Vaute

Retrofitting OAuth 2.0 Security into Existing REST Services, Irena Shaigorodsky

Anatomy of Another Java Zero-Day Exploit, David Svoboda, Yozo Toda

Securing JAX-RS Services with OAuth 2, Miroslav Fuksa

Securing RESTful Resources with OAuth2, Rodrigo Condido da Silva

Five Keys for Securing Java Web Apps, Frank Kim

Leveraging Open Source for Secure Java Website Construction, Jim Manico

The Anatomy of a Secure Web Application Using Java, John Field, Shawn McKinney

Securing Java: Track Opening Presentation, Milton Smith