I have seen combination locks cracked at OWASP conferences years ago using a shim constructed with an old beer can.  Still the motorized combination lock breaker by Samy Kamkar definitely has cool factor.

Interesting site reminds me of ham radio numbers stations.  The Youtube account, webdriver torso, has many videos like this.  Some uploaded every 30 seconds so it’s undoubtedly a bot.  No idea what this is communicating but it’s strange and interesting.

Congressional testimony provided May 19, 1998 to Government Affairs Committee SD-342 on computer security by security researchers from L0pht Heavy Industry.  Progress in the industry has been made over the years but I’m amazed how much of this testimony is still relevant today.

Video via Twitter: @L0phtHeavyInd

Architecture is a hard sell in some organizations but Security Architecture is doubly hard.  Everyone would agree that the idea of addressing concerns systemically is desirable but the challenge is understanding and communicating the benefits of front loaded project thinking.  The sentiment in today’s DevOpsy Agile world is that design documents are a impediment to good progress.  I can understand how overthinking and over documenting hurts a project.  However, no documentation at all is like trying to find worms without a flashlight.  I think the real truth is somewhere in between.