Exploit Pack, Abyss Walker, an exploit tool kit for Red Team style penetration tests.  A free version of the exploit pack is available to demo; however, its fairly crippled.  The paid versions carry may more exploit packs and boasts 33,000 exploits total.   The entry version runs about $155 USD. 

The exploit pack is written in Java.  Abyss Walker reminiscent of Metasploit in it’s extensibility.  Unlike some popular exploit packs Abyss Walker is full-featured and includes discovery tools, reconnaissance tools, and RAT’s.  Due to the rich features it will take you some time to learn but to help the author(s) provide links to videos and you can Google your own, of course.  Some of these exploit packs are difficult to learn, great pentesters don’t necessarily make the best UX designers, still the UI looks comparatively well thought out.  Looking forward to exploring the videos and this software further.

Note the author is presenting the exploit pack at Blackhat USA 2015, ARSENALT | Exploit Pack.