Abby Martin (RT) interviews Oliver Stone (Academy Award Winning Director) and Peter Zuznick on US foreign policy and the Obama Administration’s disregard for the rule of law.

“We[United States] are going into a second Administration that is living outside the law…does not respect the law as a foundation for our system.” (Stone)

“We[United States] spend more on military security intelligence than entire world combined.” (Kuznick)

“The United States is an open air Interment Camp.” (Martin) 

In the interview Kuznick makes a point that the United States, through all of it’s surveillance and aggression, fears something but that it is not addressing root causes of the concern.  Further that the predilection of the government for a culture is lawlessness is based upon an ideal of “American Exceptionalism”, which is, if Americans do it then it must be right.  Perhaps more tangible to American’s is the governments willingness to sacrifice the U.S. economy to achieve it’s objectives.  For more information around the the economic impacts of security policy see my previous posts, A Crisis of Confidence Costs Real Money and a more recent update, Balkanization of US Products and Services Technology Accelerates.