It’s official!  The OWASP organization announced my candidacy for 2015 Global Board of Directors.  If your an OWASP member vote for your candidates anytime between October 7th and October 23rd.  The results of the election are shared on October 28th.  To learn more about the election and process, see the OWASP site.

What’s OWASP?
OWASP (Online Web Application Security Project) is one of the world largest groups of web application security practitioners.  Essentially, we are people passionate about securing the software applications you use on the Internet everyday.  OWASP is most famous for the OWASP Top 10 Project which helps software developers understand common weaknesses when programming software applications.  Other projects like the ASVS Project provide a basis for testing web application technical security controls.  OWASP provides conferences and user groups throughout the world to educate the public on application security.  OWASP provides many resources for security and engineering professionals engaged in building and protecting software applications.

Who are the 2015 candidates?
Abbas Naderi Afooshteh
Tom Brennan
Jonathan Carter
Michael Coates
Bil Corry
Tobias Gondrom
Nigel Phair
Josh Sokol
(and me) Milton Smith

I am excited to be considered a candidate for the 2015 Global Board of Directors.  But most of all the opportunity serve the community of developers, security practitioners, and industry at large.