Today Google announced[1] limited HTTPS support for Blogspot.  HTTPS support is critical for banking and other areas where online trust is required.  HTTPS is also important for viewing web site content to ensure it’s authentic and free from tampering.  Without HTTPS support, web site content is easily modified in transit.  Google explains their decision to offer HTTPS support is based on their HTTPS Everywhere strategy.  HTTPS is not enabled by default but can be enabled via configuration by the site Administrator.   Custom domains like are not supported via HTTPS on Blogspot.  Google notes, “blogs with custom domains are not supported in this first version” and implies Blogspot will offer HTTPS support for custom domains sometime in the future.  More than likely Blogspot users will be able to load a custom certificate generated popular Certificate Authority’s in the future.  This small improvement is a really big deal for many bloggers!  +1 Google security team!

[1] HTTPS support coming to Blogspot

* Image: Blogger configuration settings.  New HTTPS Settings option.