IMG_2593.JPGI have been experimenting with building racing drones and (First Person View)FPV gear.  Today I was at the swap meet of the Livermore Flying Electrons RC club with my brother-in-law.  I found a huge deal.  I bought a 90mm Taft Hobby Viper EDF jet and desktop LiPo charger for really low price.  I’m more into multi-rotors but it was too good of a deal to turn away.

Viper Jet in action (VIDEO).   Note, not me flying.

I was thinking a fixed wing aircraft for FPV would be a cool addition.  Although before I fly this jet I’m going to spend some time on a low-cost trainer.  Flying fixed wings are totally different than flying multi-rotors.  One of the great points about fixed wing is that they stay up in the air a long time compared to multi-rotor.  You can really do some long distance FPV on a fixed wing.  Switch to a ground station for your video feed and upgrade your transmitter to UHF and you ready fly missions out to about 50mi (80km).  My new jet is probably not the best FPV platform but it will get me wherever I want to go fast.

By the way, if anyone has resources on security research related to RC please send my way.  I have been looking at different flight controllers, transmitters, ESC’s, and the all the open source software available.  I could also use any information related to radio transmission protocols for popular transmitters.