owasplogo.jpgI received my OWASP ballot this morning.  If your membership is up to date you will receive yours soon.  It’s time to vote for your favorite OWASP board members.

I am running for the OWASP 2015 Global Board of Directors.  I have been laying low for most of the election process.  Mostly because fishing for ballots is a form of self-promotion that I find distasteful and I think others do as well.  However, I was speaking to a friend, current OWASP board member and project lead, Matt Konda recently at AppSecUSA 2015.  Matt mentioned something about the election process I took to heart.  In a nutshell, he said I’m thinking about the election process all wrong.  Don’t think of the election process as a self-promotion effort; instead, give your friends an opportunity to help.  Your friends would like to see you succeed and they are in a position to help spread the message.  You should provide them an ‘opportunity’ to assist if they wish.  By remaining silent you don’t provide them any opportunity to help you.  Matt could make a really great lawyer if he ever wants to move out of security.  But seriously, he makes a good point.  I help my friends so I should at least provide an option for friends that want to help me.  And if your not interested at all to assist, no worries.  If you want to learn about my views for OWASP check out my interview with Mark Miller on SoundCloud.

If there is anything you would like to do to help me succeed I can use the assistance.  For those interested, there are a few ways you can help.  Send a message to fellow OWASP members and encourage them to vote for me if they don’t have a candidate in mind.
– Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
– Small blog post
– Emails to your friends (perhaps a little over the top but up to you)

I can’t think of other ideas offhand.  A closing thought on other board candidates.  We are all competing for 4 open board seats.  Most of us know each other.  You have a great bunch of OWASP candidates to choose from regardless of how you vote.  It’s a privilege to help whether I serve on the board or not.