The FBI does not think FBI vs. Apple iPhone security court case sets a precedent – mind blowing.  The problem with posing the dilemma of code vs. free speech is that it forces confrontation between tech industry and government.  Perhaps the question was unavoidable, still posing the dilemma means an answer will be provided.  What will happen in the US and the world if tech industry looses?  Every electronic service and device in the world, your smart phone, computers and printers in your home, the Nest thermostat on your wall, your WIFI enabled car, every and all devices and electronic information sources, actively surveilled by every government in the world without search warrants or limits of any kind.  Companies will be compelled to sign code with their own digital certificates, a demand that completely undermines public trust in X.509 certificates and PKI.  What are we talking about?  That blue/green lock in your web browser means your secure right?  Nope, not if this case looses.  The freedom and privacy decisions at stake would shock even George Orwell.

This is the most interesting court case for security and privacy in my lifetime.

[1] Balkanization of US Products and Services Technology Accelerates, if Apple looses this case this article presents a possible course of action and outcome for US businesses.

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