Moving from Blogger to cloud provider.  Please update bookmarks accordingly.

I don’t like doing IT Admin in my spare time but I’m getting tired of Googles policies for Blogger.  A couple of years ago Blogger added support for HTTPS which is great.  The problem is they have not added support for custom domains like  I’m not really sure why it’s taking them so long.  This means to keep site readers safer web site operators must choose whether to drop their custom domain name and default to a blogger domain or wait for blogger to add support.

Another Google policy change was made that prioritizes HTTP connections lower in search engine results than sites that offer HTTPS.  They were not very clear on the exceptions that means even if you have a great Blogger site they would now start making you harder to find if have a custom domain.  Not a very coordinated change but Google’s a huge company.  It’s either a case of one hand does not know what the other is doing the most likely option or there’s also a slim possibility they want to drive away Blogger users and eventually shut down Blogger.  Who knows.  Either way I thought it’s time to spin up a server and go out on my own.

The main site is up and running with the bulk of the content but there’s some missing content in places and some broken links occasionally.  Appreciate your patience and taking for reading.