I recently returned from the DISC 2017 conference in Brno, Czech Republic.  Following are a few photos from the event.

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I asked the crowd to give me a thumbs up for my blog and I snapped their photo.  My session followed lunch so it took a few minutes for everyone to arrive.  I was surprised the sessions were so well attended since DISC was held on Saturday.  Most of the sessions were full and these kids are motivated to learn security.  This was an important event for the area so I felt privileged to participate.

My session content was a smorgasbord of security topics.  I wanted actionable content that computer science students could apply to their projects.  I focused on tangible benefit for the engineering crowd like OWASP projects and tools attendees can include in projects, security considerations of software platforms, open source resources, types of validation and sanitation, principles like security whitelisting and blacklisting.

One of the better sessions, was Chris Blum’s session on Passwords.  It’s amazing there’s so much to present about passwords.  Passwords is a good subject because it’s something non-engineers can understand as well.  Chris has a good way of connecting with the crowd.