No prosaic thoughts to share, simply some videos that I think are interesting and you may find interesting as well.

I tried the previous modification on my computer.  Seems to make my computer faster.  Although I did not perform the before and after testing like the video author.  I have a liquid cooled rig for gaming.  I have not noticed any heat issues.  Perhaps there are some bad side effects but I’m not noticing them.  I notice the video has as many thumbs down as thumbs up.  Not sure why.  I reviewed the comments but nothing stands out to me.

Next up, a DIY Stingray you can build.  The video author describes the steps to intercept and decode a GSM cellphone conversation.  Even if your not GSM ninja it’s interesting to see how SDR and all the tools work together.  Learn a little about the protocols, frequency hopping challenges, etc.  You can stop the video and look at some of source sites and GitHub projects.  

Finally, an interesting session about GPS spoofing.  Keep in mind, GPS spoofing is plain dangerous.  GPS singles are very weak so it’s easy to hijack a transmission with little power.  I only include this video since it’s interesting and educational.  The video provides an interesting GitHub reference for the spoofing code.

That’s it, enjoy!