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Initial SQL Injection Article

Jeremiah Grossman circulates the original SQL Injection article from Phrack Magazine prior to the 20th anniversary of its announcement. We didn’t call it SQL Injection back then but that what it was, Phrack Magazine: ODBC and MS SQL server 6.5.


Tracking Down Java Properties

Have you ever read a Java article and the author describes some systems property you never knew existed?  Have you ever wondered what a complete list of systems properties would look like?  Wonder no more. 

Black Hat Presentation: OWASP DeepViolet

On August 8, 2018 I will be presenting DeepViolet, a TLS/SSL scanning API & tools at the Black Hat conferences event in Las Vegas.  The project is divided in two code repositories, DeepViolet the primary Java code API, and DeepVioletTools which is a command line tool and desktop application or reference cases demonstrating the API’s […]