Oracle proposes industry collaboration on OpenJDK security

Java Chief Architect Mark Reinhold posts…

Create a secure, private forum in which trusted members of the OpenJDK Community can receive reports of vulnerabilities in OpenJDK code bases, review them, collaborate on fixing them, and coordinate the release of such fixes. Ensure that information flows efficiently, in both directions, between this forum and Oracle’s internal security teams. Encourage the forum to be used for other OpenJDK security-related discussions as needed.

Continue reading, Proposal: OpenJDK Vulnerability Group

New Community Page

google-communitiesI have been experimenting with Google Community pages for a little while.  I have a community page that’s open to everyone interested in security.  My blog is a great tool for me to communicate news or thoughts on security but the blog is not the best collaboration tool.  I wanted a community page to facilitate posting photos, videos, questions, opinion polls, and more.  Another reason for a community page is that there are sometimes little gems of news too small for a full blog post but still interesting for everyone.  Google Communities platform fills an interesting gap, a little more room for expression than Twitter but with a better interface over Facebook.  Feel free to follow along or post your cool content.

New Site for Drone Building and Research

IMG_2718.JPGA year or so ago, I was having some success with the Raspberry Pi micro-controller and I was thinking of a cool robot project I could do with the kids.  Of course, I love aircraft so what better robot to build than one that could fly?  This began a year long project of building and learning to be a pilot.  Along the way, this project turned more into a hobby and has probably pushed beyond the interests of many security readers.  My work in this area is probably not appropriate for a security web site.  Also the community interested in building and fly these aircraft are likely not interested in security.

To better respect the attention and interests of both security and multi-rotor builders/pilots I am moving some of my multi-rotor articles and future updates to my new web site, 

Any articles related to the security of multi-rotor aircraft like radio protocols or flight control software will be covered on the security site.  All future builds, configuration, video, etc will be on