The site post and comment feeds have been bugged since I migrated the site back to blogger.  They are up and running now.
Yes, your in the right place.  I’m moving back to Blogger.  I like the power and capabilities of WordPress but I don’t like the maintenance.  I would rather spend my time on almost anything else.  Blogger has some quirks, especially with their editor tool, but over all is pretty stable and low overhead for me to run.


The ease and simplicity of Blogger has been great.  But it time to grow. is moving to a new site.  If you want an early look click on the following, 

All the content has been ported, RSS feeds, and DNS will switch over the next few days.  In short, if everything goes well nobody has to do anything. will forward to the new site.  In the event there is a problem, you can use the previous URL (address) to access the new site.

My Blogger site will not be going away but new articles will be published on the new site.  See you on the new site.


My blog has been off the air this morning.  I was cancelling hosting service and my provider assumed I didn’t want DNS service or my zone files for anymore.  Poof, off the air that fast.   Lulz.

Since December of last year I made a number site changes like: moving from a dark to light site theme, 3-column UI, custom domain name, etc.  Security is a tough enough subject so a clean web site that’s easy to read and find information is important.  Enjoy!


You may have noticed the look and feel change of this site from a dark to a light content format.  The dark format is professional in appearance but not very practical.  It’s hard for my eyes to frequently switch between light and darker formats.  I’m betting if it’s tough on my eyes, it’s tough on the eyes of others as well.  Additionally, I upgraded the site to a wider 3-column format.  I may still make a few more improvements over the next few days but I hope you find these improvements welcome.


Photo:  Laura Smith

Not long ago, my wife was seriously injured in a bicycle riding accident.  When I tell the story I always clarify riding to include — bicycle.  If I only say riding accident, people assume motorcycle, and bringing the conversation back to bicycle requires more explanation on my part.  In any case, she’s much better now, finishing up physical therapy, and looking forward to her next biking adventure.  Yes, you heard me right, she’s getting back on her bike.

Laura is riding for Team World Vision in a 360 mile event starting in Santa Cruz, California and finishing in Malibu, California.  She’s named her journey, “Pedaling with a Purpose”.  She has a Team World Vision web site to collect donations for their charitable causes for any interested,  Laura’s Team Vision Website.

Team Vision noted on their main site, as riders achieve their physical goals it also helps Team Vision achieve their charitable goals.  Donations go directly to Team Vision.  Of course, these are tough times financially and we realize everyone’s financial condition is not the best.  Please don’t donate anything you do not feel comfortable to donate.

To readers at the office, notice the riding jersey — Oracle!  Next, we need to convince the sales staff at the company store to make some Java jerseys with Duke’s.


DISCLAIMER:  In case you missed it, Laura is my wife.  Yes, I am biased.  ;o)