Updated on April 30, 2019

OWASP ZAP project released a new version V12 that includes an updated HTTPSInfo plugin. The HTTPSInfo plugin includes support for TLS analysis based upon DeepViolet v5.1.16. DeepViolet is a TLS/SSL API and tool set you can use in your Java projects. The plugin provides metadata from X.509 certificates, TLS/SSL connections, and session attributes. It’s like a baby OpenSSL but for Java programs that need an API. A previous post describes how to install the ZAP plugin and run the report, Using OWASP DeepViolet within OWASP ZAP.

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OWASP DeepViolet has been included and available in OWASP ZAP for awhile now as an additional add-on component.  Briefly the background is that DeepViolet is a TLS/SSL scanning API and set of tools.  OWASP ZAP is a Flagship application security scanner and includes some DeepViolet features for it’s TLS/SSL scanning.  I decided to post this blog update since it was not clear to me how to use this scanning with ZAP.  The following is a short post about how to install and use HttpsInfo(a.k.a DeepViolet) within your ZAP scanning projects.

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