October 9, 2017 voting begins for OWASP members to elect four new OWASP Board candidates.  I am running for the board this cycle and can use your support!

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owasp_logo.jpgFollowing are the linkings for OWASP’s 2016 Board of Directors.  I’m running for the board this year so I have indexed each of the links to start at my response but feel free to listen to all the responses.

OWASP Podcast Interview Part 1 of 4, Developer Participation [Audio]
OWASP Podcast Interview Part 2 of 4, Vendor Neutrality [Audio]
OWASP Podcast Interview Part 3 of 4, Most Important Issues [Audio]
OWASP Podcast Interview Part 4 of 4, Members, Projects, Conferences, and Chapters [Audio]

owasp_logo.jpgListen as Mark Miller (Twitter: @TSWAlliance) interviews me and other OWASP board candidates.  Now live! [AUDIO]

For more information about OWASP Global Board of Directors and the OWASP and the election process.

Recent interview I provided Roger Brinkley on security for Java Spotlight Episode 142.  In the featured segment I discuss the new security track added to JavaOne 2013 San Francisco.  I also provide an update on Java platform security.