In Arstechnica article, “Feds warn first responders of dangerous hacking tool: Google Search” (sent via @wh1t3Rabbit) describes individuals that use advanced Google search commands called Google Hacking or Dorking are acting like, “malicious cyber actor[s]”.

Considering all Google dorkers as malicious is very disturbing since advanced search commands have many legitimate uses and the reason Google makes them available to the public.  In fact, the article I wrote about Johnny Long’s (Twitter, @ihackstuff) Google Hacking in “Google Hacking — Blast from the Past” is a popular post and I’m guessing since it helps people find legitimate information they need on the Internet.  Sorry readers, in my blast from the past post I showed you how to use Google’s filetype: command.  You are now acting like malicious cyber actors and likely monitored by governments for you subversive activities.

Profiling individuals that use Google advance search commands in the same class as malicious cyber actors is disturbing.   I think we should treat data like money.  There are a number of uncanny similarities, data provides those who manage it a living wage, it has value, it’s traded, it’s electronic, it’s easy to duplicate, etc.  At least it seems like a place to start.

Consider, a bank that leaves it’s money on it’s door step and complains when thieves steal it.  We call that bank foolish.  Yet, do similar with our most sensitive data posted on public web sites and we hold site owners blameless.

The concern with profiling those that use powerful tools is that it’s a distraction from the real problem – unsecured sensitive data on a public Internet.  There are many tools that can be used both for beneficial or malicious purposes, knifes, guns, etc.  Even if Google removed their advanced search commands it amounts to burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the real problem.  Attackers will only craft new tools to evade detection.


Thanks to CNET article (hat tip) I discovered a new comic book, “beyond Edward Snowden“, written by Marvel Comics’ Punisher writer Valerie D’Orazio.  I am not a Punisher reader and I have not read this comic yet.  However, I like Marvel comics, security, and interested in Snowden material, so this caught my eye.  Passing along for those interested.  Comic Flea Market looks like some fringe reading for those interested.


Xan Brooks of the theguardian announced in a recent article director Oliver Stone is planning a new movie to tell of story of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.  Oliver Stone directed the controversial film JFK in 1991 starring Kevin Costner.

In the interim, if you would like to learn more about facts surrounding Edward Snowden before seeing the movie please consider consider reviewing my previous post.  Enjoy!


Edward Snowden is a former contractor working for the United States National Security Agency (NSA).  Snowden was accused of espionage on June 14, 2013 for disclosure of sensitive documents describing secret government bulk surveillance programs against ordinary US citizens.

In a rare on camera interview, Brian Williams from NBC NEWS discusses the charges with Snowden, the types of information disclosed, personal motivations, his political exile in Russia, and other interesting topics.  Watch the video, “Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden“.  Some think Snowden is a traitor while others think he’s a patriot.  Whatever you think about Snowden,  the revelations produced changes in Washington, lost revenues for American businesses, and change is likely to continue.

This is our generations Watergate.  If you don’t understand the issues around the US Government, NSA, and Edward Snowden then it’s your opportunity to learn more about what’s happened and how these programs impact the lives of US citizens a year later.  If your really want the deep history, constitutional and legal grounds, you can see them in full on Electronic Frontier Foundations NSA Spying on Americans web page.