I have seen combination locks cracked at OWASP conferences years ago using a shim constructed with an old beer can.  Still the motorized combination lock breaker by Samy Kamkar definitely has cool factor.

Back together from the crash.  I have switched out both software and flight controller.  It’s an intermittent power issue.  Anyway, fun to work out the kinks in this project.  Enjoy the video, thanks for watching.  Build log for those interested in building their own.

Regarding crash at end of video:  Raw footage shows motors were disarmed in flight (RAW VIDEO).  Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to determine -why- the disarmed occurred.   Originally, I was thinking I may have disarmed accidentally by hitting switch on transmitter. Now I’m not so sure.  Saw the following post on Reddit, Naze32 has unarmed mid-flight a couple of times.  Maybe a software bug.  Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase – server crash.  Software bugs and vulnerabilities of the future will be devastating and touch more than our bank accounts.

Photo: before crash (click to enlarge)
Photo: after crash (click to enlarge)

Thankfully, the crash is not as bad as it looks.  I keep lots of parts on hand but I may need a new flight camera and a new motor torn off arm in crash.  All in all, I’m pretty happy about this flight since flying has been tough for me to master.

Last updated April 28, 2015

I figured out the cause of the crash.  Turns out my Naze32 flight controller board from Abusemark is bad.  Instead of running Cleanflight I tried Baseflight this time.  During a flight yesterday I noticed some flashing of the “Disarmed” message across the magnetometer heading in my Fatsharks.  I landed the craft immediately.  I really like the Naze32 architecture but there may be some quality control issues.  To work around these I decided to look at clone boards like Dragonfly32 and Mullet32.  I ordered a Mullet32 pre-soldered with right angle connectors.  Strange to order a clone for the purposes of better quality and not cost savings.  Seems like I spend hours on the ground for every 10 mins of air.  Keep trying.

Flight testing new expo settings from Milton Smith on Vimeo.

I have graduated from hover testing to actually flying controlled around a field.  Strange but I always thought the challenge with this project would be building the aircraft and software.  It turns out flying is not as easy as it looks but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Meanwhile, it gives me some time to think about what I can do with a small aerial platform from a security angle.  Anyway, this has been a really fun project.