Have you ever read a Java article and the author describes some systems property you never knew existed?  Have you ever wondered what a complete list of systems properties would look like?  Wonder no more. 

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No prosaic thoughts to share, simply some videos that I think are interesting and you may find interesting as well.

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Today Jim Manico (Twitter:@manicode) was nominated and announced a Java Champion.  Jim is the founder and leader of Manicode, a software security training company.  So why do I think this is amazing?

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Insert a unique token like the following into your page and see who references it on the Internet,


To generate your own unique reference you can do something like the following,

echo -n yourname | shasum -a256

Replace the “yourname” string with anything sort of random and you will receive your own hash you can place into your page.  I’m not suggesting any of this is new or novel I’m just interested to see if this shows up in search results.  Enjoy!