JavaOne logoI am presenting on security at JavaOne this year — whoot!  My session is entitled, “CON12803 – Making the Future Secure with Java”.  Full session details are at end of my post.
The energy for the conference is phenomenal.  Everyone is working super hard on their presentations and doing lots of multitasking to keep things going.  Most presenters are also spectators, myself included.  It’s great fun to see all the projects and share knowledge, see what’s new in the vendor space, and more.  I’m really looking forward to the event.
As the Java security guy, I receive many questions around Java platform security.  Anything ranging from details about vulnerabilities, which I don’t discuss, to details about future plans for Java security.  I’m still pretty new on the job but due to the tidal-wave of questions around security, a presentation on the topic is very appropriate and what better venue to present than JavaOne.  The session is intended to provide attendees some background information about our security programs as well as future direction for Java platform security.  See you at JavaOne!
Presentation Details
“CON12803 – Making the Future Secure with Java”

Monday, Oct 1, 8:30am – 9:30am
Hilton San Francisco – Continental Ballroom 7/8/9
(JavaOne media: